WOD: 5-13-13

Skill:  Hang Squat Clean

WOD L1:  4 rounds for time of:

10 Hang Squat Clean (95/65)
10 Burpees
10 Pull Ups

WOD L2: 4 rounds for time of:

10 Hang Squat Clean (155/105)
3 Burpee Muscle Ups


You may be asking yourself…

What will we do after having practiced gymnastics skills for two months, spent a whole month working the Snatch, and another working on the clean.  Your mind may be quickly rushing to thoughts of you getting to that 40,000 lb Back Squat or maybe you were thinking about the return of the Front Squat Friday!!  Alas, no.  Thinking in that fashion would be wrong.  An all-out assault specifically for strength will not come as of yet.  And I will explain why this is to be so right now.

Raise your hand if you can do a legit Push Up

Keep your hand raised if raised if you can Power Clean

Keep your hand raised if you can do a legit Toes to Bar

Keep your hand raised if you can Deadlift

Keep your hand up if can do a legit HSPU

Keep it up if you have can Snatch

Keep it up if you have ever done a Muscle Up….and boom goes the dynamite.

You all have an enormous range of capacity, especially in weightlifting.  I take pride in the work that all the coaches have done to teach you how to move a load faster, safer, better, and heavier.  We know you can do this and you know you can do this.  However, before we start putting you under a specific strength program, we have to develop a few things. Primarily and king to all others is the idea of moving YOURSELF in space.  The moment you can push/pull/dip/squat/jump/press/open/close yourself with efficiency, strength, and power will be the moment that moving an external load will also be more efficient, stronger, and more powerful.

In the mean time, go to Regionals!,



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